Working to Be a Company That Makes a Difference

At P&G, we continually ask how we can create value from material that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Our Efforts to Reduce Waste

We look to reduce manufacturing waste by:

  • Eliminating solid waste from production processes
  • Repurposing waste as useful raw material
  • Designing more material-efficient delivery systems

We’re creating more environmentally friendly packaging by:

  • Deliver more value with less material in our products and packaging
  • Considering the entire life cycle of our products and packaging
  • Using materials that can be recycled, used as waste-to-energy, or for composting

By changing the way we see waste—from something thrown away to something with value—we’ve achieved zero manufacturing landfill waste at more than half of our sites worldwide. At these sites, all manufacturing waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy. Read more about how we define zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

The Innovation Continues

We continue to evaluate and pilot opportunities in both developed and developing regions.

For example, our GARP team, with the cooperation of government stakeholders, conducted a comprehensive study in the Philippines to understand the tonnage and composition of the waste stream, including the percentage that is biodegradable, recyclable and residual.

The results led to the design of an integrated, profitable and replicable waste management business model—all from materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

We also are partnering with the Asian Development Bank with the goal of piloting this business model in Antipolo, Philippines; the project has been offered to another company that will own and operate the facility.

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